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Offenders with drug and alcohol problems are required to abstain from these substances and participate in treatment and relapse-prevention programs as a condition of their parole. For those parolees who demonstrate that they cannot remain free from drugs, the Board, in conjunction with the Department of Corrections, has developed two award-winning treatment regimens that address this problem without requiring the long-term return of the parolee to prison.
The Substance Abuse Violators Effort (SAVE) is a halfway-back program that consists of four phases, each approximately three months in length. The first phase is a three month stay at an in-patient treatment program. Phase two consists of release to the community on intensive supervision with electronic monitoring, curfews, and intensive outpatient therapy. Phase three utilizes outpatient therapy with less restrictive intensive supervision. Phase four involves intensive supervision with no electronic monitoring and outpatient therapy emphasizing relapse prevention. Parolees graduate to general-level supervision upon successful completion of the SAVE program.

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