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Some parolees are subject to electronic monitoring when they are first released from prison. Other parolees are later put on electronic monitoring as part of a progressive discipline program. The Board uses a system in which an electronic chip embedded in an ankle bracelet “permanently” worn by the parolee broadcasts its presence to a receiver attached to the parolee’s phone line. The receiver transmits continuous updates to a central repository, verifying the parolee’s presence at home.
If a parolee is placed on electronic monitoring, his parole agent will set a curfew, taking into account legitimate needs to be away from home as well as the parolee’s individually assessed risk to public safety. In some cases, the Board or the parole agent will impose a special condition of parole requiring the parolee to be on electronic monitoring during periods of unemployment. The parole agent will remove the parolee’s ankle bracelet once he has successfully completed the initial requirements of conditions of parole or has otherwise satisfied the parole agent that his behavior no longer warrants this additional restriction.


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