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The “Parole Supervision Continuum” is the strategic foundation of parole operations in Pennsylvania. Under the Continuum, parolees move between differing levels of supervision based on risk assessment, which includes such factors as how long the parolee has been out of prison, his criminal background, and his behavior patterns in the community. A parolee moves towards less structured supervision as he proves himself to be a productive member of society, and conversely, he moves back towards more structured supervision, up to and including reincarceration in a state prison, if his behavior deteriorates. The Continuum also provides parole agents with clear direction on how to maximize the impact of their contacts with parolees and the people whose lives they touch. This policy is based on the belief that public safety is better served when the Board’s limited resources are focused on parolees who pose a greater relative risk. There are four levels of state parole supervision in Pennsylvania: Minimum, Medium, Maximum, and Enhanced, the most intensive level. However, the Board also employs a number of specialized tools and programs within this framework that are directed towards certain categories of parolees and their particular risks. These programs are described in the above sections.

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