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In addition to general conditions of parole, paroled sex offenders are subject to special conditions unique to their type of offense. Depending on the specific details of their crime, paroled sex offenders may be prohibited from accessing the Internet, for example. Restrictions on the parolee are tailored to his individual criminal background and his potential triggers for re-offending. Paroled sex offenders are oftentimes required to begin their community re-entry at a CCC, where they undergo additional treatment prior to their release. Outpatient treatment may be required throughout an offender’s parole supervision, including the use of therapeutic polygraph examinations to establish a baseline of honesty and corroborate a parolee’s continuing adherence to the law and conditions of his parole.
The Board operates specialized supervision units that deal exclusively with sex offenders. These units have developed a Relapse Management Class to provide paroled sex offenders with another layer of support in addition to the treatment and more intensive supervision scrutiny to which they are subject.

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