Map of USA

Facts & Figures
Capital: Harrisburg
Date and rank of Statehood December 12, 1787 & Second of Thirteen to ratify constitution
Nickname: Keystone State
Motto Virtue, Liberty, and Independence
Population (1998 Census Estimate): 12,001,451
10 largest

(1998 Census Estimate):
Philadelphia, 1,436,287
Pittsburgh, 340,520
Erie, 102,640
Allentown, 100,757
Reading, 74,762
Scranton, 74,683
Lancaster, 52,951
Bethlehem, 51,053
Harrisburg, 49,502
Altoona, 49,226
Largest county
(1998 Census Estimate):
Philadelphia -- 1,436,287
Number of Counties: 67

Length: 180 miles North to South
Width: 310 miles East to West
Area: 46,058.2 sq mi (119,290.7 sq km)
Highest point: Mt Davis, Somerset County, 3,213 feet (980 meters)
Lowest point: Delaware River, Sea Level
State Forests : 2,100,000 acres
State Parks: 116 parks with 283,000 acres
Land: Coastal plains are found in the northwest and southeast. Mountain ranges extend diagonally across the state.

Famous People from PA
Louisa May Alcott, novelist;
John Barrymore, actor;
Donald Barthelme, author;
Stephen Vincent Benet, poet and story writer;
Daniel Boone, frontiersman;
Ed Bradley, TV anchorman;
James Buchanan, President;
Alexander Calder, sculptor;
Mary Cassatt, painter;
Henry Steele Commager, historian;
Bill Cosby, actor;
Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey, band leaders;
W.C. Fields, comedian;
Stephen Foster, composer;
Robert Fulton, inventor;
Alexander Haig, ex-Secretary of State;
H.J. Heinz, executive;
Milton Hershey, Chocolate executive;
Lee Iacocca, auto executive;
Reggie Jackson, baseball player;
Gene Kelly, dancer and actor;
Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco;
Gelsey Kirkland, ballerina;
S.S. Kresge, merchant;
Mario Lanza, actor and singer;
George C. Marshall, 5-star general;
George McClellan, general;
Margaret Mead, anthropologist;
Andrew Mellon, financier;
Tom Mix, actor;
Arnold Palmer, golfer;
Robert E. Peary, explorer;
Betsy Ross, flagmaker;
B.F. Skinner, psychologist;
John Sloan, painter;
Wil Smith, actor;
Jean Stapleton, actress;
Gertrude Stein, author;
James Stewart, actor;
Sharon Stone, actress;
John Updike, novelist;
Honus Wagner, baseball player;
Fred Waring, band leader;
Ethel Waters, singer and actress;
August Wilson, poet, writer, and playwright;
Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Warfield);
Andrew Wyeth, painter