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Below are the appeals adjudicated in the last 90 days.
 Appeal No.TitleIssued Date
3073530735Cassandra E McIlwain vs. Allegheny County Human Services 11/22/2022
3076830768John R Jordan vs. Department Of Transportation 11/22/2022
3080530805LaSean R Gardenhire vs. Executive Offices 11/22/2022
3083530835Melissa A Kalyan vs. County Drug And Alcohol Agencies Schuylkill County Drug And Alcohol Abuse Unit 11/22/2022
3085230852William H Lowden vs. Department Of Corrections Cr Sci Fayette 11/22/2022
3060630606Vicky M Rose vs. Department Of Military & Veterans Affairs 10/25/2022
3077730777Isaac L Diehl vs. Department Of Labor & Industry 10/25/2022
3084630846William Skelly vs. Department Of Human Services Hs Torrance St Hosp 10/25/2022
3087030870Gary E Reiner vs. Conservation & Natural Resources 10/25/2022
3043230432Charles Brennan vs. Department Of Corrections Cr Sci Mahanoy 9/27/2022
3073930739William J Molnar vs. Department Of Human Services Hs Allegheny Cao Hdq 9/27/2022
3080730807Jagbir Phogat vs. Executive Offices 9/27/2022
3080930809Joan M Johnston vs. Liquor Control Board 9/27/2022
3083330833Chamara Grant vs. Department Of Corrections Cr Phx Ad 9/27/2022

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